New Year’s Resolutions – How is Yours Going?

Jan 12, 2023

It’s January again already! The month that feels like it lasts twice as long as every other month but acts as a fresh start with many of us setting out resolutions. We’re two weeks into 2023 now, so how are your resolutions going?

My resolution is to be more active in creating content. Social media content, blog content, video content… Any content that can help our patients get more out of their treatment and experience with You Wellbeing. Historically, we often see patients in January because of their New Year’s Resolutions and they can fall into two categories: active and reactive. The active resolutionists might come to the clinic to finally seek help with that niggling shoulder injury or that frustrating knee pain so they can start a new year with a fresh, pain-free body.

The reactive resolutionists might come to the clinic because they’ve made a great start with their resolution to exercise more but, unfortunately, it has led to an injury. We love treating both! It’s rewarding for us to be able help our patients with their resolutions to hopefully set them up well for a great year ahead. If you need a little help with your resolutions, Book Online now or Contact us for more information. In the meantime, I’ll be working on the next blog to keep my resolution going…

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