Neck pain is a common reason for patients attending our clinics. Often accompanied by headaches and shoulder pain, neck pain is hard to ignore and can feel unrelenting so it’s reassuring for our patients to know that we can help with expert neck pain treatment in Chelmsford, Heybridge, and Hedingham.


After ruling out any of the more serious causes of neck pain, which may need referral back to a GP, our practitioners use a range of techniques to help patients become pain-free and fully-functioning. Hands-on treatment is used but it is particularly important to address other issues, which may be affecting neck pain. Stress, work posture, the condition of the rest of the back and shoulders and nutrition are just some issues that can aggravate neck pain. Our practitioners will try to help address these to give patients a sustainable solution to their pain.

Neck pain treatment chelmsford, heybridge, hedingham

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